Brian Milsted

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M.A. Higher Education


Educational Leadership


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Sisco, Burton


Student activities;College students--New Jersey


Higher Education


The purpose of this study was to investigate student attitudes toward Rowan After Hours (RAH) and to determine the program's impact on student involvement. There were 365 respondents during the Spring 2010 semester. All respondents had attended at least one night of Rowan After Hours. A survey was used to gather attitudes toward various aspects of the campus late night program: Operations, Food Service, Activities, Professional Staff, and the Sense of Community. Students were given an opportunity to list what they like most and least about the program. Established research indicates a strong connection between students who socialize and higher academic achievement and retention. Research also indicates that students merely want a "cool" place on campus to socialize. The results of the study indicate that students felt RAH is held at a convenient time and agreed with statements supporting the late night activities being provided. The students also have a high level of agreement that Rowan University encourages student involvement. It can therefore be concluded that Rowan After Hours is fulfilling its mission statement and that students hold a positive attitude towards the program.