Robert Baumgartner

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M.A. Higher Education


Educational Services, Administration, and Higher Education


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Sisco, Burton


College sports; Universities and colleges--Faculty


Higher Education


This study analyzed faculty attitudes towards intercollegiate athletics at a NCAA Division III institution, specifically Rowan University. A survey instrument was used to collect demographic information about the subjects including age, gender, and academic discipline plus data focused on five factor groupings pertaining to the student-athlete, financing for athletics, athletic governance/eligibility, athletics on campus and general athletics issues. Findings suggest generally positive attitudes of the faculty towards intercollegiate athletics. Moreover, Rowan faculty reported lacking specific information about intercollegiate athletics on campus to give informed opinions. Data analysis demonstrated strong support of intercollegiate athletics in general but the origin of support is unclear. Many Rowan faculty completed academic training at Division I schools and this exposure may have contributed to their views of intercollegiate athletics. Exposure to athletics at Rowan suggests more limited awareness and could have influenced the high level of uncertainty about the current condition of athletics on campus. Recommendations include having faculty and athletic administrators and coaches work together to increase awareness of athletics on campus, providing more information about the academic and athletic performance of student athletes, and hosting joint campus events such as open houses, class presentations, and guest faculty coaches.