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M.A. in Educational Leadership


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Johnson, Theodore


Cherokee High School (Marlton, N.J.); Interns (Education); School administrators--Training of


Educational Leadership


The purpose of this study was to implement an in-school suspension program to change students' attitudes and provide alternatives to negative behavior. This was achieved by obtaining information from other schools about their ISS programs. It was then determined what would constitute an effective program at Cherokee. Meetings were held with every department to explain how the program would operate and the teachers' role for the success of the program. The various elements of ISS were explained. They included students being in the safe environment of the school, students not missing school work, not providing for a mini-vacation, and follow-up guidance support for students serving an ISS.

The intern gathered and analyzed the suspension statistics from this year and compared them to last year. It was shown that the overall number of suspensions had decreased. Continued monitoring and modification of the program will continue. During the 1998-1999 school year, Cherokee's sister schools, Lenape and Shawnee, may adopt a similar program based on the success of this one.

At the conclusion of this study, the ISS program produced a lower number of suspensions than last year and provided a safe environment where students continued their studies.