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M.A. in School Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Johnson, Theodore


Haddon Heights Junior-Senior High School (Haddon Heights, N.J.); Interns (Education); School administrators--Training of


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


The purpose of this internship was to provide the candidate with an opportunity to acquire competencies and skills which are essential to an effective administrator of a secondary school.

The internship focused on the project: Alternate Methods for At-Risk Students Who Disrupt the Educational Environment. The areas addressed in this study were: (1) The purpose and setting of the study, (2) Review of the literature, (3) The design of the study, (4) Presentation of the research findings, (5) Conclusions, implications, and further study, and (6) The need for alternative methods re: Scared Straight – Haddon Heights Style, In-School Suspension, Out-of-School suspension, Peer Mediation, Detentions, Saturday Credit Reinstatement Program, Drug and Alcohol Assembly, High Hopes and Better Leadership Support Group, and Traffic Control at the Attendance Office.

The following recommendations were made: (1) Be proactive in addressing serious issues such as drugs, alcohol, and violence among their youth in grades 7-12, (2) In-service staff on the specific needs of our school and provide essential training to its membership, (3) Plan, devise, and implement programs/strategies for serious at-risk students in this school, (4) To develop a crisis team involving staff, students, and community members, (5) Continually upgrade discipline code geared toward student success in the learning environment, and (6) Develop a 5 year statistical chart on a school's progress in meeting the needs of at-risk students.