Devon Punchello

Date Approved


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Degree Name

M.A. Learning Disabilities


Language, Literacy, and Special Education


College of Education

First Advisor

Kuder, S Jay


Bullying in schools


Special Education and Teaching


The purpose of this research was to (1) examine teachers' attitudes and perceptions regarding harassment, intimidation, and bullying, (HIB) behaviors displayed by public school students, (2) determine changes in teachers attitudes and perceptions regarding HIB as a result of specific training and, (3) identify the subsequent impact on their views and opinions of HIB. A survey was distributed to certified teachers to collect data. Both regular and special education teachers' perceptions regarding HIB before and after the training took place was measured. The results indicated that most teachers felt that the training was effective in creating awareness of what determines harassment, intimidation, and bullying, the serious effects of bullying, and how to appropriately respond to these behaviors. The results reflected a change in teachers' perceptions to view HIB as atypical and unacceptable behavior. The results also revealed that most teachers felt special education students were more likely than regular education students to be victims of HIB, but even more so, to engage in HIB behavior. It is the special education teachers who felt most strongly in both regards.