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M.A. in School Psychology


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Klanderman, John


Conflict management; Peer counseling of students; School crisis management


Educational Psychology


The purpose of this study is to evaluate students' coping styles before and after a conflict resolution program intervention. The 6th grade middle school class was administered the Coping Response Inventory (CRI) prior to receiving the conflict resolution training. The conflict resolution/peer mediation program was designed to empower students by giving them the tools to challenge and solve problems. The program focuses on the following areas: affirmation, communication, conflict resolution, cooperation, and bias awareness/appreciation of differences.

The demographics include the following: The sample group consisted of 6th grade suburban middle school students. There were 21 subjects. 57% were male and 43% were female. Further, 100% were European American, 0% were African American, and 0% were Hispanic American. The subjects were from a suburban school district. The students were of varying backgrounds and socio-economic status.

The study was designed as a pre-test/post-test Coping Response Inventory that was analyzed using a T-test for paired samples, The results may indicate that there was a significant change in the coping response of the subjects after receiving the Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation program. The results may also indicate that students' actual CRI and re-test scores are moving in the positive direction towards the ideal CRI scores.