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M.A. in Elementary School Teaching


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


College of Education


Molinari, Louis


Education--Data processing; Universities and colleges--Curricula


Elementary Education and Teaching


One of the most relevant issues facing schools today is the incorporation of technology into classroom instruction. The literature reveals that knowledge is the most critical factor which determines the degree to which teachers integrate technology into their instruction. Teachers with high levels of anxiety are less likely to integrate technology into their curricula. Elementary school teachers are not generally comfortable and skilled in the use of instructional technology and are therefore unable to exploit its potential. It was the purpose of this study to define whether or not there is a need for undergraduate teacher education programs to further evaluate their programs to see if they are preparing teachers with the technology understandings they need. This study consists of an investigation of the technology-related courses and experiences in five undergraduate teacher education programs. A Likert-type scale was used to rate the level of technology included in the required education courses, as well as in the general and electives courses. An overall rating system was developed to measure the strength of technology within the educational framework of the program as well as the strength of technology within the overall program. The investigation results indicate that there is a strong need to further evaluate the level of technology involvement in undergraduate teacher education programs.