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M.A. Higher Education


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Sisco, Burton R.

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Walpole, Marybeth


Development, Ethnicity, Identity, Latina/o, Leadership


Hispanic Americans--Ethnic identity; Minority college students


Higher Education


The purpose of this study was to investigate the influences of leadership and ethnic identity among selected Rowan University Latina/o undergraduate students. More specifically, the study replicated Oldham’s (2008) research, which was based on Erikson's Identity Development Theory (1980) and the Leadership Identity Model of Komives, Owen, Longerbeam, and Mainella (2005). In addition, the study probed how Latina/o Rowan University undergraduate students viewed their ethnicity using Phinney’s (1992) Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure (MEIM).

Students were surveyed randomly via an electronic version of the instrument on Rowan’s Volvici survey software, and by convenience sampling through paper formatted surveys gathered at the Chamberlain Student Center and the Campbell Library. Overall, the survey on leadership development and ethnic identity was distributed to 205 Rowan University Latina/o undergraduate students.

The study found that Latina/o students undergo considerable transformation while attending Rowan University that can change how they view their ethnicity and leadership abilities. The three areas that were found to have the biggest impact on Latina/o students is the relationships they had with faculty members, peers, and how active they were in campus sponsored activities.