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M.A. School Psychology


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education

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Allen, Terri

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Dihoff, Roberta


School attendance; Students--Transportation


Education | School Psychology


Truancy has been an ongoing issue in the lives of many urban and low-income students. Poor school attendance has been one of the earliest indicators of academic failure, delinquency, crime, poverty and etc. Although there have been a number of different definitions for truancy, the law has consistently stated that underage students must attend school. It has been clear that addressing and combating truancy has been an issue in many cities. Research has identified many truancy risk indicators and various community factors have appeared to impact truancy rates. Additionally, within an urban setting, the availability of public transportation to and from school has also been implicated as a factor in school attendance. This current study examined the relationship between student truancy rates and community factors and the availability of student transportation. The results found that high school students had higher absent rates, that community factors were not related to number of absences, and a significant interaction between transportation and high school students.