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M.A. in Public Relations


Public Relations & Advertising


Ric Edelman College of Communication & Creative Arts


Fulginiti, Anthony


Business communication; Gas companies


Public Relations and Advertising


This study's purpose was to investigate whether investor relations professionals from natural gas local distribution companies effectively communicate with their industry's analysts.

Two surveys were designed to compare and contrast the opinions of analysts and LDC IR pros. Surveys were mailed to 15 leading gas industry analysts and 10 LDC IR pros. Ten analysts and 10 LDC IR pros responded. The major findings include:

Sixty percent of the analysts felt communications with IR pros were only somewhat successful while 70 percent of the LDC IR pros ranked the communication as highly successful.

Fifty percent of the analysts ranked one-on-one meetings with top management as the most effective means for communications, However, only 30 percent of the IR pros ranked one-on-one meetings as most-effective.

Combined, 60 percent of the analysts felt that LDC IR pros need a better understanding of their information needs and time constraints. Fifty percent of the analysts indicated that LDC IR pros need to improve their methods.

Fifty percent of the IR people reported that their chief financial communicator is not trained or coached to communicate effectively. Combined, 80 percent of the IR pros indicated that Corporate Communications does not play a major role in their programs,