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M.A. in Learning Disabilities


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


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Urban, Stanley


Grading and marking (Students); Learning disabled children--Education


Disability and Equity in Education


The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act states that children with disabilities must be educated, to the maximum extent possible and appropriate, in the regular education setting with non-handicapped children. The purpose of this study was to develop grading procedures for students with educational disabilities who attend regular education classes. Current district policies, the teachers' procedures for grading students, and the best practices presented in literature were investigated. Is grading students with educational disabilities in the regular education setting a concern for teachers? Should this school district develop a grading policy for students with educational disabilities? A teacher questionnaire was developed to focus on these issues. The percentages of the teachers' responses were recorded,

The majority of the teachers surveyed believe that students with educational disabilities should not be graded using the same methods which are used for their non-disabled peers. Various grading procedures were rated by teachers using a Likert-type scale. Although teachers wanted to modify their grading procedures for special education students in their class, there was not a strong consensus indicating favored techniques. Some methods were clearly not favorable among the teachers surveyed. During this investigation, it was also discovered that there was no strong uniformity in grading regular education students. This discovery makes the use of a modified grading system for special education students even more problematic. Finally, teachers were interviewed in an attempt to discover the preferred method of grading students with educational disabilities. Districtwide grading procedures for students with educational disabilities were proposed.