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M.A. in Learning Disabilities


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


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Urban, Stanley


Children with perceptual disabilities--Attitudes; Children with perceptual disabilities--Education; Mainstreaming in education; Resource programs (Education)


Disability and Equity in Education


Inclusion of special education students in the regular classroom setting is an issue that has caused much debate over the past decade. Many school districts have approached this issue by offering a continuum of services while others are slowly eliminating all self-contained classrooms. These special education students are placed in a resource center program which provides in-class support in the regular classroom. The decision-making process for student placement in the least restrictive environment has involved the education professionals and the child's parents. Rarely is the student's preference in the placement decision ever considered.

The purpose of this survey was to determine the education preferences of ten perceptually impaired middle school students who have experienced both self-contained and resource center instruction. The subjects interviewed are currently in a pull-out resource center program for most academics. Eight of the ten subjects are involved with in-class support for science and/or social studies.

The results of the survey indicate that eight of the subjects prefer resource center to self-contained placement. Many of the special education students favor changing classes and being with their peers in the regular classroom with the aid of in class support.