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M.A. in Learning Disabilities


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


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Urban, Stanley


First grade (Education); Readiness for school


Disability and Equity in Education


This study focused on a longitudinal followup of the educational status of children years two and three after completing a transitional first grade program. The samples selected for the study were fifteen children from the first and second grades in a southern New Jersey public school system.

Data was gathered through the use of questionnaires. Kindergarten, first and second grade teachers completed survey forms. Parents of previous transitional first grade students were also asked to respond to a questionnaire.

Information noted included: (1) factors influencing the decision to place a child in a transitional first grade (T1) program; (2) attitudes of teachers toward the T1 program; (3) parent attitudes toward the T1 program; and (4) measures used to determine if a child is appropriate for the T1 program. This information was then content analyzed and summarized.

The findings of this study indicate that children who have been enrolled in a transitional first grade program have positively benefited from the experience. Parents and teachers were supportive of the program while expressing two concerns; (1) the location of the classrooms; and (2) children who need special education services being placed in a T1 program rather than receiving a Child Study Team evaluation.