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M.A. in School Psychology


Educational Services and Leadership


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Klanderman, John


Conflict management; Fourth grade (Education); School children--Attitudes


Educational Psychology


The purpose of this study is to evaluate students' attitudes toward school climate. One group received Conflict Resolution training and the other group received no training. The program, SCRC, Students Creative Response to Conflict was designed to empower students by giving them the tools to confront and resolve problems that develop on a daily basis. The program focuses on five major areas: affirmation, communication, conflict resolution, cooperation, and bias awareness/appreciation of differences.

The sample group was drawn from four fourth grade classrooms. Each group consisted of thirty-six subjects. There were 61% males and 39% females. Further, 64.6% were Caucasian, 31.7% were African American, and 3.7% were Hispanic. Subjects were from a school district classified urban but located in a rural area. They were diversified in background and socioeconomic status.

The study was designed as a pretest/posttest questionnaire that was analyzed using a T-test for Paired Samples. The results indicated that there was no significant change in attitude for the trained group, but there was a significant change toward a more negative attitude for the untrained group.