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M.S. in Teaching


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


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Robinson, Randall


Computer-assisted instruction; Elementary school teachers--Attitudes


Elementary Education and Teaching


This study was designed to examine the relationship between the attitude of the classroom teacher towards computers and the utilization of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAl) in the classroom instructions. The teachers were from three public schools and one private school in urban and rural districts of southern New Jersey.

The teachers completed a Computer Attitude Survey (CAS), and a Computer Assisted Instruction Survey (CAIS). The CAS measured the attitude of the teacher in four areas: their anxiety towards computers, confidence in their ability, liking of computers, and their perceptions of the usefulness of computers. Each subclass and the overall score was classified as High (positive attitude towards computers), Medium (neutral attitude towards computers), and Low (negative attitude towards computers). The scores were correlated between each of the subclasses using the Pearson r.

The CAIS consisted of 8 items which presented statements of CAI usage in the classroom of the teacher Specific responses on the CAIS were correlated to the scores the CAS using chi square tests.

Highly significant positive correlations were found among the subscale scores. Chi square tests found statistically positive relationships between the subscale scores of anxiety, liking, and perceived usefulness towards the computer and the utilization of CAI in classroom instruction.