Edward Burns

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M.S. Computer Science


Computer Science


College of Science & Mathematics


Rusu, Adrian


Information visualization; Soccer


Computer Sciences


The dimensionality of soccer statistics relating to both player and goalkeeper specific data can be difficult to interpret. Attempting to formulate an analysis of large sums of soccer statistics can be extremely challenging if the data is not presented graphically. As a result, we developed an application, titled Soccer Scoop, which provides two separate visualizations that can aid a soccer team manager. With this application, a team manager can compare two players on different teams, analyze a particular player before signing them to a contract, measure the performance of a particular player at different positions, generate practice exercises, and determine if a particular player plays better on the road or at home. Leveraging our existing statistical analytics tool, Soccer Scoop, we developed a goalkeeper visualization add-on that can also assist a team manager. With the goalkeeper visualization tool, a team manager can compare a single goalkeeper between two games, measure the overall performance of the goalkeeper both for games played at home or away, as well as to devise the appropriate training exercises needed to strengthen any visible weakness. The visualizations used in this application apply information visualization techniques, such as glyphs, modified star plots, details on demand, color, and gestalt principles.