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M.A. in Environmental Education


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Education


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Patterson, F. Gary


Endangered species; Wildlife refuges


Science and Mathematics Education


As human activities and development along the shoreline continue to increase, more and more wildlife habitat is lost, leaving many species with a precarious prospect for survival. Biologists and environmentalists are continually exploring options which may prevent plants and animals from becoming extinct. Strategic placement of new sites is becoming increasingly valuable as a management tool.

the purpose of this study was to develop a plan for enhancement of a cluster of dredged material islands, in order to create suitable habitat for four endangered, threatened, and protected animal species.

Four dredged material islands were assessed for suitability. Surveys were conducted on these islands to establish data on their composition and inhabitants.

Extensive research was done on the beneficial uses of dredged material, and numerous projects were reviewed.

The habitat needs of black skimmers, diamondback terrapins, least terns, and piping plovers were studied, and a successful colony site was visited and observed. From these studies and observations, comparisons were made between the existing study site, and sites where the target species were colonized and/or nesting.

The author determined the main aspects of this enhancement project to be size, shape, elevation, substrate, vegetation, predators, timing, monitoring, and maintenance, and made final recommendations, drawn from research and field work, concerning each of these considerations.