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M.A. in Environmental Education


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Education


College of Education

First Advisor

Patterson, F. Gary


Cherry Hill Environmental Education Residency Program (Cherry Hill, N.J.); Environmental education; Pinelands National Reserve (N.J.)


Science and Mathematics Education


This thesis project is designed to produce written curriculum materials in Pinelands ecology. The written curriculum materials produced are intended to be implemented as part of the Pinelands Science Unit of the Cherry Hill Environmental Education Residency Program, also known as CHEER.

The written curriculum materials will include pre-trip, resident trip, and follow up assessment materials and activities that follow the given format for all Cherry Hill science units. The structure of such a program will allow, if desired, interdisciplinary coordination between science, math, English and ecology that correlate with the existing CHEER program. Through this experience it is expected that the sixth grade students in residence at the "site specific" location of Mt. Misery in the Pinelands National Reserve will develop greater firsthand knowledge about Pinelands ecology. This will enable the student to be a more informed, responsible, and active citizen in the defense of the environment.