Danielle Jubanyik

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Ed.D. Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership


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McBee, Robin


Community colleges--Faculty; Education, Higher--Web-based instruction


Community College Education Administration


The purpose of this qualitative research study was to investigate community college faculty members' perceptions of the professional development they have received for the implementation and teaching of online courses. The current body of literature is focused mainly on colleges and universities, and the researcher uncovered a gap in the literature, which often bypassed community colleges. I employed the research method of semi-structured interviews with 14 community college faculty members of varied backgrounds and experiences who shared their perceptions and experiences of the professional development they received to teach online. The main themes uncovered by this dissertation study were 1) Inconsistency in the professional development allotted to community college faculty members, 2) Perceived barriers by community college faculty members in preparing to teach online/hybrid courses, 3) Incentives for participating in professional development to teach online, 4) Online teaching requires a need for pedagogical knowledge and understanding, and 5) Faculty members require more support to teach online/hybrid courses. Study findings indicate faculty members require more training beyond technological mastery at the post-secondary level, and may benefit from training that involves a focus on pedagogy.