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M.A. in Elementary Education


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


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Molinari, Louis


First grade (Education); Reading (Primary)


Elementary Education and Teaching


The purpose of this study was to determine if first grade students who were instructed following a literature based program would demonstrate a better understanding of reading. A comparison was made between the test scores and attitudes of those first grade students using a literature based reading program and those first grade students using a basal program.

The design for this study was a pretest posttest design with one treatment group and one control group, both having 24 students. Both groups were pretested and posttested using the Scott, Foresman Celebrate Reading (1993), Anthology Assessment. This test was selected to measure student performance in the areas of phonics, word recognition, and comprehension in reading. The Paul Campbell Reading Attitude Inventory was also administered to see if there were any differences in the area of attitude.

Data was statistically analyzed to determine if a significant difference was present. The study concluded that there was a significant difference in scores between the two groups, in terms of growth, on the Scott, Foresman Anthology Assessment as the literature based group performed significantly better; therefore, Hypothesis 1 was rejected. On the Paul Campbell Reading Inventory, there was no significant difference in scores leading to the acceptance of Hypothesis 2.