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M.A. in School Psychology


Educational Services and Leadership


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Dihoff, Roberta

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Klanderman, John


Adopted children--Romania; Institutional care


Educational Psychology


This study attempts to research the dynamic factors involved in the assessment of children placed in adoptive homes in the United States who were taken from large institutional orphanages in Romania. This paper will discuss various aspects of problems that were encountered by children who lack the stimulation, stability and love that are crucial during the early years of development. It also endeavors to provide interventions that will enable these children to progress along more developmentally appropriate guidelines.

This project utilized a single subject design. The analysis was descriptive in nature. It measured the improvement of mean utterance length. The instruments used in this analysis were archival records of the Early Intervention Program, and a questionnaire completed by the child's therapist.

Conclusions of this study indicated a significant increase in expressive and receptive language skills as represented by the increase in mean utterance length as measured from the period September, 1998 through August, 1999.

The results of this study support the existing literature and emphasize the importance of Early Intervention Programs. It is imperative to assess children early and implement intervention programs when there is evidence of a deficit. This will allow children to develop to their full potential.