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M.A. Special Education


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


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Accardo, Amy


Social skills--Study and teaching; Preschool children; Children with disabilities


Special Education and Teaching


This study investigated the effect of social stories on the number of social exchanges between children, the verbal requests for items during play centers, and the number of impulsive behaviors. A single subject design with three phases was used. This study also evaluated maintenance data to assess generalization of skills post intervention. Specifically, in the area of impulse control and verbal requests, results reveal that all three participants in the study were able to increase their ability to control their impulsive behaviors and verbal requests with the use of the social stories. In the area of social exchanges, research data reveals that two of the three participants in the study were able to increase the number of social exchanges with a peer with the use of social stories. Maintenance data reveals student skills continued post intervention. Results from this study suggest that social stories are an effective intervention for improving the social skills of preschool children with disabilities in an inclusive setting.