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EdD Educational Leadership


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education

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Johnson, Ane T.

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Chaskes, Jay

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Walpole, MaryBeth


Student affairs administrators--Training of


Higher Education


Professional preparation and socialization of student affairs educators and their competency development is increasingly important in today's higher education environment (ACPA & NASPA, 2015; Janosik, Creamer, Hirt, Winston, Saunders, & Cooper, 2003; Schuh, Jones, & Harper, 2010). This professional preparation often occurs during graduate programs in higher education administration, and features a supervised practice component (CAS, 2012; Janosik, Cooper, Sauders, & Hirt, 2015). The purpose of this grounded theory study is to explore the process of competency development of higher education administration graduate students as part of their professional socialization into the student affairs profession. The intent of the study is to derive a grounded theory of how site supervisors contribute to professional socialization and competency development of student affairs graduate students. Nine graduate students and eight supervisors from three campuses with higher education administration graduate programs in the Philadelphia region participated in interviews describing supervisor support, professional socialization, and significant learning moments as contributors to competency development.

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