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EdD Educational Leadership


Educational Services and Leadership


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Kerrigan, Monica

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Jordan-Cox, Carmen

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Gruber, Carol


Greek letter societies


Higher Education


Fraternal organizations are unique in how their very existence is routed in their espoused values, principles, and standards. These ideals spotlight what their organization was founded upon, and how those who associate themselves with the organization should conduct themselves. There are few instances where an organization is forced to be as altruistic as a fraternity. However, the point that these particular organizations espouse that their values, principles, and standards are the keystone of what they stand for is often the very reason these groups are permitted to have a presence on college and university campuses. The purpose of this inquiry was to examine the organizational culture of fraternities, seeking to identify the congruency between nationally espoused values, principles, and standards and those in use by organizations at the local level. Using data acquired through semi-structured interviews, observations, and document analysis, in this this study a clearer picture was drawn regarding the relationship between organizational culture and the values, principles, and standards espoused by organizations.