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EdD Educational Leadership


Educational Services and Leadership


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Walpole, Mary Beth

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Ieva, Kara

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Isekenegbe, Thomas


Admissions, Advising, Collaboration, College Readiness, High School Counselors


Community colleges; Educational counseling


Higher Education | Student Counseling and Personnel Services


A significant number of incoming students who graduate from high school and attend the community college lack the information and guidance needed to understand what is expected as they make their transition to higher education (Karp & Bork, 2012; McDonough, 1997; Venezia, Bracco, & Nodine, 2010). This exploratory case study examines how an enrollment office at a community college shared information and resources about college readiness with local high school counselors to ensure that incoming students received the knowledge and tools necessary to make a successful transition. By investigating the insights and experiences of both the college enrollment staff and the high school counselors, themes evolved as to the inconsistencies in the exchange of information between public K-12 schools and postsecondary institutions surrounding college readiness. The two themes that emerged from the data, unintentional barriers to student college readiness and the benefits and challenges of maintaining a collaborative relationship, provide insight into the communication patterns and interactions between these stakeholders. Community college and high school personnel must embrace collaborative relationships being careful not to create inadvertent barriers that prohibit students from being prepared for college entry.