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MA Higher Education


Educational Services and Leadership


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Sisco, Burton R.

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Walpole, MaryBeth


Autonomy; College students--New Jersey; Parents


Higher Education


This study analyzed parental involvement in higher education institutions, specifically Rowan University during spring 2016. It showed how students perceived the parents level of involvement in relation to their own autonomy, and achievement during the transition into college. This study explored the impact of parental involvement on student responsibility, privacy and FERPA, and the students' personal autonomy. The study looked for any significant relationships that occurred with the students' view of parental involvement in relation to autonomy and achievement. The survey tool that was utilized consisted of 92 items which collected demographics and employed a series of Likert-style statements. The subjects consisted of 243 students who graduated from Rowan University by spring 2016. The results of this study showed that parents that encouraged their students to be independent during the college transition period are shown to be successful in promoting both autonomy and achievement. The study showed that parents were being sought out by students on a need basis, while maintaining success with their autonomy and achievement.