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MA Higher Education


Educational Services and Leadership


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Sisco, Burton R.

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Walpole, MaryBeth


college, freshmen, hip-hop, identity, impact, rap


Hip-hop; African-American college students


Higher Education


The purpose of this investigation is to explore the impact that hip-hop has on the identity of freshman students at Rowan University during the spring 2017 semester. The survey questions were geared toward answering the primary focus. The survey has 34 items, the first five questions were used to collect demographic information from the students including Gender, GPA, Ethnicity, Class rank, and Age. The next 29 questions divided into three factor groupings, these groups were used to investigate the identity of select freshman, what students believe about their knowledge of hip-hop culture, how committed these students are to hip-hop culture, and what impact hip-hop has on their views toward the educational experience at Rowan University. This study takes a quantitative approach to answer the research questions. Based on the research (66%) believe that people are more judgmental of hip-hop that other genres. The study also shows that hip-hop had a big impact on the language that is used by students, as 69% reported using slang and idioms that come from hip-hop. Further, the study shows that a majority of the students 70.8% listen to hip-hop every day; this shows that many students have a daily connection with hip-hop culture.