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MS Civil Engineering


Civil & Environmental Engineering


Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

First Advisor

Nazari, Rouzbeh

Second Advisor

Everett, Jess

Third Advisor

Romanov, Peter


GOES, ice concentration, remote sensing, shortwave infrared, threshold


Remote sensing--Mathematics; Ice on rivers, lakes, etc.


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Satellite remote sensing of snow and ice has a long history. The traditional method for many snow and ice detection algorithms has been the use of the Normalized Difference Snow Index (NDSI). This manuscript is composed of two parts. Chapter 1, Development of a Mid-Infrared Sea and Lake Ice Index (MISI) using the GOES Imager, discusses the desirability, development, and implementation of alternative index for an ice detection algorithm, application of the algorithm to the detection of lake ice, and qualitative validation against other ice mapping products; such as, the Ice Mapping System (IMS). Chapter 2, Application of Dynamic Threshold in a Lake Ice Detection Algorithm, continues with a discussion of the development of a method that considers the variable viewing and illumination geometry of observations throughout the day. The method is an alternative to Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) models. Evaluation of the performance of the algorithm is introduced by aggregating classified pixels within geometrical boundaries designated by IMS and obtaining sensitivity and specificity statistical measures.