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MA Reading Education


Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Education


College of Education


Browne, Susan

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Madden, Marjorie

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Abraham, Stephanie


Kindergarten, Music and Movement, Sight Word Acquisition


Kindergarten; Reading--Study and teaching (Early childhood)


Early Childhood Education | Language and Literacy Education


The purpose of this naturalistic, qualitative study was to document the impact that song and movement had on kindergarten sight word acquisition. To investigate this, 18 kindergarten students were taught 20 new sight words using songs and movement over the course of four weeks. Data was systematically collected and analyzed to determine the specific benefits that song and movement had on kindergartner's sight word learning in regard to automaticity, motivation, and engagement. The kindergarten students were administered a pre-and post-sight word assessment along with a pre-and post-song and movement motivation and engagement student survey. Throughout the study, a qualitative journal was kept to track student progress, notes, quotes, and behaviors. Based on the data collected, the use of song and movement had a positive impact on kindergartner's sight word acquisition. All 18 students increased their sight word knowledge and demonstrated a strong ability to read sight words with automaticity. The motivation and engagement of kindergarten students also increased while learning sight words using song and movement. The results also revealed that the use of song and movement had a positive impact and acted as a scaffold to support the acquisition of sight words of struggling learners in the class.