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MA Reading Education


Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Education


College of Education

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Browne, Susan

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Chen, Xinfang

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Abraham, Stephanie


Independent Reading


Reading; Language arts (Elementary)


Elementary Education | Language and Literacy Education


What happens when first grade students engage in independent reading in which they are reading, thinking, and developing responses about texts at their independent reading level? The purpose of this study is to investigate what type of work and learning first grade students engage in during independent reading time. The focus will be on the type of thinking the students are engaging in and what strategies the students are utilizing while reading independently. This qualitative teacher research study consists of 12 first-grade students in the first-grade classroom during independent reading time of Reader's workshop. The data collected revealed students utilizing strategies and skills to accurately read and comprehend the text. The data analyzed showed students are engaging in both literal and inferential thinking as shown through their verbal and written responses, students are citing evidence from the text to support their thinking, and students are motivated to read by having choice texts that interest them. The conclusions drawn from the study reveal students purposefully select strategies and skills to use to critically think and respond to a text.