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MA Higher Education


Educational Services and Leadership


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Sisco, Burton R.

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Walpole, MaryBeth


Cultural Norms, Dating Violence, Gender Identity, Gender Roles


Dating violence; Rowan University--Undergraduates


Higher Education


The purpose of this mixed method study was (a) to investigate the Rowan University's undergraduate students' awareness of dating violence and its multiple forms, (b) to assess if the undergraduates are knowledgeable of the available on and off campus resources for dating violence, (c) to assess if one's gender identity affects their idea of relationships, and (d) to assess how cultural norms may affect one's idea of gender roles in relationships. There were a total of 198 subjects who completed the survey portion of the study that helped assess their awareness of dating violence and knowledge of the available on and off campus resources. Six of those subjects then voluntarily agreed to be participants in the interview process. Through the interview process, it provided a personal perspective from the student's experiences on gender and cultural norms that may affect their relationships. The interviews were transcribed and content analysis was used to analyze the data.

This study found that majority of the subjects responded quite similarly about the attitudes towards dating violent perpetrators and victims. The selected participants' responses provided data about how cultural norms can affect an individual's idea of his or her gender norms. Thus recognizing how those norms can affect the individual's idea of a healthy relationship.