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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education

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Kerrigan, Monica Reid

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Johnson, Ane Turner

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Kuo, Yu-Chen


Organizational learning; Curriculum change


Elementary Education and Teaching | Science and Mathematics Education | Secondary Education and Teaching


This study examined STEAM implementation from the qualitative perspective of New Jersey K-12 school leaders and through the quantitative lens of organizational learning. Using a convergent parallel mixed methods design, sixteen school leaders were interviewed regarding their process of implementing the integrated learning framework known as STEAM. Simultaneously, an Organizational Learning Mechanism Questionnaire was distributed to the teaching faculty of participating districts. This study found that current K-12 school leaders were implementing STEAM with top down administrative support, emergent processes, standards focused curricula, and innovative means of marketing their programs. Significant differences were also found between K-8 and high school districts. Support from organizational learning mechanisms was marginal, suggesting that the espoused processes of school leaders where not abundantly supported by pre-existing professional learning processes. Two separate manuscripts conclude this work, discussing STEAM implementation from the perspective of school leaders and the differences between K-8 and high school districts.