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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education

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Johnson, Ane Turner

Second Advisor

Manning, JoAnn

Third Advisor

Zion, Shelley


Minority women teachers; Public schools--New Jersey


Teacher Education and Professional Development


This qualitative, heuristic, phenomenological study was to understand the lived experiences of immigrant teachers of color and explore their sense of visibility and belongingness in the New Jersey public schools. The goal of this study was to understand their struggles and perseverance as they navigated America's education system. Additionally, this study aimed to understand the numerous obstacles immigrant teachers of color face due to cultural and language barriers. Eleven immigrant teachers of color employed as teachers in New Jersey public schools participated in this study. All eleven teachers have struggled with invisibility and lack of belongingness in their school contexts and daily practices. Five themes were uncovered during data analysis: (1) fitting in to belong, (2) discrimination and stereotyping, (3) proving oneself, (4) shoulder to lean on, and (5) resilience. These themes captured the lived experiences of immigrant teachers of color in New Jersey public schools and helped provide a deeper understanding of visibility and belongingness.