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MA Special Education


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


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Kuder, Sydney J.

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Accardo, Amy

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Xin, Joy


Learning disabled children--Education; Reading comprehension


Language and Literacy Education | Special Education and Teaching


This study focused on the use of intensive reading intervention programs in a fifth inclusion classroom setting. This has been a topic that is frequently discussed and how support for the special need students with comprehension deficits can be increased. These students deserve a fair, equal, and individualized learning plan in a classroom that accepts all children. Studies show how successful using intensive reading programs close the reading comprehension gaps with our exceptional students.

The purpose of this study is to show how using the intensive reading intervention program is crucial in the classrooms to support the special needs students. This study answered two research questions: Do fifth grade students with learning disabilities show more growth with comprehension using a scripted and intense reading intervention program than using an individualized reading curriculum where the teacher provides a systematic approach with additional scaffolding teaching students to be aware of what they do understand and identify what they don't understand on their informal inventories that tracks progress? Will students use the tools and techniques learned from the intense reading program and apply it to the general education curriculum independently? The research results showed major gains with reading comprehension using the reading program in the classroom.