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EdD Doctor of Education


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Manning, JoAnn

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Crawley, Thomas

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Jordan-Cox, Carmen


articulation, college-readiness, developmental, remedial


Community college students; Language arts--Remedial teaching


Higher Education | Language and Literacy Education


The proportion of students attending college continues to increase and college remediation rates remain considerably high, particularly at community colleges. This study explored high school teachers and community college perceptions of college readiness in the area of English. An explanatory sequential mixed methods approach was employed to develop a better understanding of teachers' perceptions of students' preparedness for the academics rigors of college English. This study was motivated by three research questions. How do community college professors describe college-readiness in the area of English? How do high school teachers describe college-readiness in the area of English? What aspects of college-readiness are identified by educators as current priorities for remedies? To examine these questions, quantitative data were obtained from (N=38) educators through the use of a survey seeking to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness. To further examine the issue of college-readiness and to further explain the data from the quantitative phase, interviews were conducted with (N=10) educators from the original group. The results revealed a disconnect between high school and community colleges particularly in the areas of articulation, remediation, and deficiencies. Participant narratives highlighted specific areas where students are unprepared for credit-bearing college English. Implications for policy, practice, and research were discussed.