Growth of Black Education and its relationship to Black Studies in urban schools

Leroy Burks


This thesis attempts to develop from a historical view the growth of Black Studies in the urban schools. In doing this one of the problems of the research was to show why Blacks were not always educated and the barriers that they overcome to receive some type of education. The other problem was to show why the need for a Black Studies program in urban schools. Problem number three was to determine the results of having Black Studies in urban schools. In order to attempt to solve all of those problems, the author wrote to various school systems, college Black studies departments and state education departments for Black Studies programs and also to well known historians. Many school systems were visited to observe the attitude of teachers and students involved in Black studies. Various research centers were used for a survey of the many courses offered in Black history to the urban youth. Educational programs were examined to seek information concerning the thesis topic. Available reports, school surveys, periodicals, in the field of Black education were also utilized. The materials and information used to cover this project were readily available. The only barrier that was encountered was in locating the materials and putting them together. Many colleges responded, most with incomplete answers or referring the author to some other source. The biggest assets were recently written reports, surveys and books; because Black Studies are on the decline in colleges at the present.