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M.A. Higher Education


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education

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Tinnin, Andrew

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McCombs, Tyrone

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Walpole, MaryBeth


College-student veterans; Community college students


Higher Education


The purpose of this study was to investigate the perceived persistence of Veteran students at Cumberland County College. This study implemented a quantitative approach by issuing a survey to the current cohort of Veteran students at Cumberland County College. A large number of barriers present themselves to students who study at two-year institutions of higher education, but the Veteran population is one that has not been extensively studied at this level. The experience of Veteran students presents some unique factors that may affect their education differently from other populations of students at two-year intuitions. Through content analysis of the data, findings suggest that Veteran students at Cumberland County College look to persist to degree completion. These students utilize intrinsic and extrinsic motivation towards their goal of degree completion. Veteran students at Cumberland County College do face barriers to their education, but not as significantly as research currently outlines in regard to civilian students.