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Ed.D. Doctor of Education


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education

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Robinson, John

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Ponds, Jonathan

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Coaxum, James


New Jersey School Technology Coordinators, Instructional Leadership


Educational technology--New Jersey


Educational Leadership | Educational Technology


The purpose of this study was to define instructional leadership methods used among New Jersey School Technology Coordinators across the state. The study seeks to examine two parameters of leadership among these technology professionals. First, it seeks to define the instructional role of the educational technology leader in New Jersey public school districts and second, to provide common leadership parameters among these technology professionals serving in the New Jersey public schools. This study will examine the meaning of the leadership role to NJ public school technology administrators and ascertains their experiences of school technology leadership as they implement educational technology in their respective New Jersey public school districts. The members of the New Jersey School Technology Coordinators on line community were queried in survey following parameters advanced in the PIMRS (Principal Instructional Management Rating Scale) which has served to assess the level of instructional leadership utilized by school principals first developed during the early 1980s as the first validated instrument for measuring instructional leadership along with one-on-one interviews.