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EdD Doctor of Education


Educational Services and Leadership


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Coaxum, James

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Fields, Cary

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Manning, JoAnn


Evaluation, Stronge TEPES, Supervision, Teacher Perceptions


Teachers--Rating of; Teachers--New Jersey


Educational Administration and Supervision


The purpose of this convergent, parallel mixed methods research study was to gather and analyze data from teachers who have been observed and evaluated using the Stronge Teacher Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System, with regards to it being able to create positive change in both instruction and student achievement, as well as the quality of feedback received on observations and summative evaluations. Data were collected using three instruments: a survey, interviews, and an analysis of summative evaluation scores, and the data led to six emerging themes. The participants did not perceive that the system had the potential to bring about change, in either instruction or student achievement. Participants perceived that administrator use of the system was for compliance purposes rather than a true desire to improve education in the district and that the supervision of teachers needed to shift from completely evaluative to a focus on instructional supervision and professional development. The study found that there was a need to create a connection between observations, evaluations, and professional growth opportunities.