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EdD Doctor of Education


Educational Services and Leadership


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Coaxum III, James

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Pitersky, Mark

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Gray, C. Alex


Culturally relevant pedagogy; Professional learning communities


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration | Elementary Education


The purpose of this study was to infuse culturally responsive teaching practices into the traditional curriculum to meet the needs of all students. Through this action research study, a professional learning community analyzed the current curriculum in the third and fourth grades at Lanier Elementary School, and they revised the curriculum to include culturally responsive practices. The use of a Professional Learning Community (PLC) allowed the principal and 3rd & 4th grade teachers to reflect on current practices in a nonthreatening environment. It also allowed the PLC to analyze current pedagogy, study new practices, and make immediate changes to participants' teaching. Culturally responsive teaching practices are inclusive of all students' backgrounds and learning styles.

The data gathered and analyzed through this action research study showed that culturally responsive teaching practices engaged all students in learning. Additionally, culturally responsive practices enhanced teacher capacity and self-awareness. Teachers moved from teaching a Eurocentric perspective to a multicultural perspective. The research can be used in helping educators learn the cultural backgrounds of their students and create a classroom environment where students learned from each other. Furthermore, it led to educators identifying and revising Eurocentric lessons and valuing the use of multicultural curricula.