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M.A. Reading Education


Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Education


College of Education


Lee, Valarie

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Madden, Marjorie

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Browne, Susan


Ethnography, Funds of Knowledge, Home Visits


Culturally relevant pedagogy; Language arts (Elementary); Home and school


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Language and Literacy Education


This paper presents the initial findings from an ethnographic case study, in a small South Jersey town. Using a socio-cultural framework and drawing from Moll and Gonzalez's funds of knowledge study, the specific aim of the study was to investigate the literacy practices students bring to the classroom, families' views of home to school connection, educators' impression of the family school partnership, and the role of student's funds of knowledge in the classroom. Three second grade families participated in home visits which involved in-depth interviews detailing family literacies including culture, traditions, family background, early literacy practices, and value of education. To understand the school's prospective, the elementary principal and two second grade teachers were interviewed about culturally relevant pedagogy, parent-school connection, and their knowledge of the families. Results revealed missed opportunities to connect to students' funds of knowledge while teaching due to time, curriculum, and background knowledge of students. Results from home visits revealed that while daily routines differed, the participating families valued education, family time, kindness, and hard work. Parents indicated that while pleased with the school, they present examples of missed opportunities for parent involvement. Results are discussed in terms of implications for integrating families' funds of knowledge into the curriculum to allow for more inclusion and engagement.