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M.S. Athletic Training


Health and Exercise Science


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Sterner, Robert

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Uygur, Mehmet

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Klein, Dylan


Proprioception; Dancers--Health and hygiene


Medicine and Health Sciences | Sports Sciences


The purpose of this study is to assess if kinesiology tape (KT) and compression sleeves can influence balance and postural control by assessing center of pressure (CoP). This study will also compare the effectiveness of increasing postural control between KT and a compression sleeve. Fifteen female subjects between the ages of 18 and 22 years old volunteered to participate in this study. One subject's data was discarded due to KT disruption. The fourteen remaining subjects were randomly assigned to either the KT, compression sleeve, or control group. Each subject performed a semi-dynamic balance test (modified Airplane Test) on a portable force plate at three instances, including pretest, right after application of KT or compression sleeve, and 48 hours after application. Those in the KT group had the tape on their ankle for the second and third trial, and those in the compression sleeve group had the sleeve on their ankle. Subjects in the control group were barefoot for each trial. Results indicated that no significant change in CoP occurred among the groups and testing instances. This indicates that KT nor a compression sleeve had an effect on postural control. There was no significant difference between the KT group, compression sleeve group, and control.