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M.A. Higher Education


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Tinnin, Andrew

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McCombs, Tyrone

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Walpole, MaryBeth


Students with disabilities--Services for


Higher Education


The purpose of this qualitative research study was to explore students' perceptions of the effectiveness of academic coaching for students with disabilities based on their majors. Based on the research question, this study was to identify how the Academic Coaching Program at Rowan University helps students become integrated into their majors. The participants in this study were five undergraduate students between 18-22 years old, who are registered with the Disability Resources Office, and have previously participated in the Academic Coaching Program. In this study, I conducted one semi-structured interview towards each student. Data was collected using an interview protocol, which consists of 11 questions. Key findings show that Academic Coaches do help students with disabilities became integrated into their courses related to their majors, but not so much towards career opportunities. The most significant themes were (a) experiences with coaching, (b) referral by coach, (c) coaching and majors, (d) coaching and careers, and (e) relationships with coach. Recommendations include (a) Academic Coaches doing research on students' majors, (b) collaboration between Academic Coaching Program and Office of Career Advancement at Rowan University, (c) additional studies that focuses on career guidance towards Students with Disabilities, and (d) conducting study that focuses on Academic Coaches and their knowledge of their students' majors.