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EdD Doctor of Education


Educational Services and Leadership


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Kerrigan, Monica Reid

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Rose, Steven

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Nespoli, Lawrence


collaboration, concurrent enrollment, dual enrollment, higher education, New Jersey, partnerships


Community colleges--New Jersey; College-school cooperation


Community College Leadership | Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


Students who are not college ready enter New Jersey Community Colleges placing in developmental education delaying entry into their degree program and possibly ending their aspiration for college completion. Students not completing a college degree cannot compete for livable wage jobs in America. My qualitative multiple case study contributed to the gap in knowledge about New Jersey partnerships offering comprehensive CEP programs including math and English from the participant perspectives. CEP partnerships engaged students in college coursework at New Jersey high schools in collaboration with New Jersey community colleges. These collaborations are great opportunities for community colleges to provide access for students to prepare or maintain college readiness with the goal of persistence and degree completion. Based on my literature review and demonstrated by my findings, CEP partnerships collaborate to allow students to experience the rigor and expectation of college. Partnerships were unaware of CEP processes and procedures statewide. A CEP academic and financial model could combine best practices to possibly scale up CEP in New Jersey to enhance statewide collaborative partnerships contributing to alignment of high school to college. Further research of CEP credit transfer and CEP student trajectory would be beneficial to understand NJ CEP partnerships and student outcomes.