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M.S. Civil Engineering


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering


Everett, Jess

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Riddell, William

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Cleary, Douglas


BIM and FM integration, BUILDER SMS, Building information modelling (BIM), Facility management (FM), Revit


Building information modeling


Civil Engineering | Construction Engineering and Management


Building information modeling (BIM) refers to the process of creating a comprehensive three-dimensional (3D) model that allows for a seamless transition from design and construction to operation & maintenance during a building's lifecycle. While a majority of past research for building information modelling was focused on design and construction, research has shifted to operation, maintenance and renovation. This study investigates the feasibility of integrating BIM (Autodesk Revit) and facility management (BUILDER SMS). BUILDER SMS is currently used at the sponsor's facilities to encourage proactive maintenance and provide updated condition assessments. While both datasets have their own benefits, this study investigates the practicality of Revit and BUILDER SMS integration. To accomplish this, an integration workflow was developed, tested using a case study and the resulting integrated BIM model evaluated by a focus group. Of the integration methods evaluated, using an intermediate database linked by unique component identifiers was found to be the faster option, especially for frequent updates of the BIM model and BUILDER SMS database. The focus group was most interested in the visualization capabilities of data-rich BIM models, such as visual filtered views for condition assessments and the ability to view the BIM model on a tablet/mobile device.