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M.A. Higher Education


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Tinnin, Drew

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Dale, Dianna

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McCombs, Tyrone


African American, Black, Mental Health, Race, Superwoman Schema, Women


African American graduate students; Women graduate students


Higher Education


As an African American or Black woman, there is an expectation to be strong at all times. They are often glorified for their resiliency. Unfortunately, that strength and the expectation of it, can prove to be detrimental to African American or Black women's health. The Superwoman Schema, originally studied in 2010 by Woods-Giscomb, is the double edge sword that is handed to African American or Black women at a young age. The purpose of this qualitative study was to expand Wood-Giscomb's research by examining the perceptions of the impact of the Superwoman Schema on African American or Black graduate students and alumni. Currently Rowan University has nothing in place to support its students of color, specifically Black/ African American women in their Higher Education M.A program. Once analyzed the data suggests that Black/ African American women could benefit from an affinity space supported by their program. To better serve the needs of this population Rowan University could develop a mentorship program within the Higher Education M.A program.