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M.A. Higher Education


Educational Services and Leadership


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Tinnin, Drew

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Dale, Dianna

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McCombs, Tyrone


Title IX, Mandatory Reporting, Rape Myths, Resident Assistants


Resident assistants (Dormitories)--Rowan University; Rape--Investigation


Higher Education


College campuses have become the front lines in the battle to end sexual assaults. One in five college-aged women will experience sexual assault during their time in school (Muehlenhard et al., 2017). This study explores whether mandatory reporters may disregard a report of sexual misconduct due to their belief in rape myths. Rape Myths are defined as any belief that exonerates the perpetrator while placing blame on the victim. This study aims to explore the relationship between rape myths and the largest population of mandatory reporters on campus, Resident Assistants. This study explores the degree of understanding Resident Assistants hold in the behaviors covered under Title IX, their ability to comfort and take information from a student reporting their experience, and whether they were familiar with the protocol to report the incident. This study identifies the most common rape myths held by Resident Assistants as well as the impact that these myths have in the likelihood of Resident Assistants to report the incident, as stated in the requirements of the mandatory reporting policy at Rowan University.