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M. A. Higher Education


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Wright-Mair, Raquel

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Saadeddine, Rihab

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McCombs, Tyrone


sexual violence prevention programs; Title IX, gender identity, transgender students


Rape--Prevention; Rowan University--Undergraduates; Transgender college students


Health and Physical Education | Higher Education


The purpose of this mixed methods study was to determine the overall role and awareness of Rowan University's sexual violence programs through the perceptions of undergraduate students. An online survey was distributed to all enrolled Rowan University undergraduate students to determine their perceptions of the sexual violence initiatives. After the survey was closed, semi-structured virtual interviews were conducted to further investigate those perceptions. Out of the 16,874 surveys distributed, 301 complete responses were recorded, which was about a 1.8% response rate. Out of the 43 participants who signed up after the survey to complete an interview, eight of them followed through, which was about an 18.6% response rate. The findings show that there is an overall lack of awareness for the sexual violence initiatives and for sexual violence itself on Rowan's campus. Nevertheless, data shows that there are also many benefits that the programs carry to help students and sexual violence victims/survivors, as well as helpful suggestions provided by the participants to improve them. It is hopeful that this research study promotes the urge for sexual violence prevention at Rowan University through the sexual violence initiatives and the perceptions from undergraduate students, as well as speak volumes of encouragement for other college campuses to do the same.