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M.A. Reading Education


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


College of Education


Valarie Lee

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Susan Browne

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Marjorie Madden


Funds of Knowledge, Literacy, Qualitative Research, Students with Disabilities


Culturally relevant pedagogy; Reading comprehension; Students with disabilities


Language and Literacy Education | Special Education and Teaching


The purpose of this study was to examine the impact on the literacy learning experience for students with disabilities when integrating the funds of knowledge into the curriculum. Prior to this research, students were given books with no relevance to their at home literacy. The curriculum was missing components of a framework that included the sociocultural perspectives of diverse learners. The participants for this study were three eight year old students. Two of the students were males and the one student was a female. The study was conducted during a 30-minute pull-out reading support. The students were interviewed to gain a better insight of their funds of knowledge. Based off of their results, these topics were incorporated into our small group reading. Qualitative research was utilized in the study. A teacher's research journal, surveys, student interviews, and student journal responses were used to collect and analyze data from the small group sessions. The data that was collected was analyzed through the use of triangulation and coding of student conversations and work to determine patterns and themes that emerged from the study. Based on the data analysis, emotions, lack of confidence, personal interests, and rapport and trusting relationships were four major themes that contributed to a stronger literacy learning experience for the students when the funds of knowledge were integrated into the curriculum.