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M.A. Higher Education


Education Services and Leadership


College of Education


Stephanie Lezotte, Ph.D.

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Tyrone McCombs, Ph.D.

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Andrew Tinnin, Ed.D.


Higher Education, Homosexuality, LGBTQ, LGBTQIA+, Undergraduate LGBTQ, Undergraduate Students


Gay college students--Rowan University


Higher Education


The purpose of this study is to explore Rowan University undergraduate LGBTQIA+ students' perceptions towards campus culture. In a predominately heterosexual society, it is important to put an extra emphasis on providing a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQIA+ students. This study aims to address not only what the perceived impact of the Rowan University campus culture is on these students, but also investigates some of the perceptions LGBTQIA+ undergraduate students have on programs and services Rowan University offers to these students, and how it impacts their sense of belonging. This phenomenological qualitative study included seven interviews, which were then organized using a thematic analysis to find commonalities amongst the several interviews. After completion of the thematic analysis, the research was focused on three main themes including Non-Inclusive Housing, Lived Names, and Campus Experiences. Generally, this study found that there were more positives than negatives throughout the themes. This study discusses those findings and also provides recommendations for future practice not only for Rowan University, but for the community as a whole.